12 Do's & Don'ts

12 important Do’s & Don’ts from our VP:

1. Always check FIRST with the Association before responding to unusual requests from our employer (Human Resources, Department Chairs etc). Contact the CUPFA Vice President Collective Agreement and Grievance. Do not forget – always send the Association a copy of any correspondence you send to the employer.

2. Submit your FRIS Application on time and complete (e.g. section numbers of courses); check your automatic confirmation email from FRIS to verify details.

3. Do not fill out surveys or respond to correspondence sent to you by the employer unless you have first heard from the Association.

4. Depending on the situation and circumstances, be sure to immediately fill out an Incident Report (*always keep a copy): A. with Security if you are being threatened; B. with Environmental Health and Safety if your health is at risk or you are injured; C. with the Dean’s Office if you have a question about a student’s academic integrity.

5. If you cannot teach because of a health issue or other illness, ensure that you advise your Chair and then contact Info CUPFA for further steps. You are entitled to 100% of your salary for the first month and 85% of your salary for the remaining weeks of your contract.

6. If you need to be away from the University, protect your seniority and do not forget to request a leave of absence in writing from your Chair indicating the date you will be away and the date you will return. You need to be on contract before you can request a leave of absence.

7. Be sure to complete the Medical Drug and Health Plan enrolment forms (available from the HR Benefits Office) by the deadlines. Health insurance plans are mandatory. You are entitled to the University’s comprehensive Medical and Drug plan if you have 40 seniority credits or will otherwise be covered with the Quebec RAMQ provincial drug insurance.

8. Do not forget to obtain your funds in the Concordia Pension Plan if you leave the University and do not return to teach. Your funds are portable to another plan. If you continue to teach, you can still draw on your Concordia Pension Plan and not retire. Drawing on your pension plan does not mean you are “retired”. Depending on your age, apply for the two government Canadian and Quebec Plans as well! See CUPFA Pension info.

9. You are entitled to tuition waivers for yourself and family members (partner, spouse, children). This includes courses offered in Continuing Education (language, computer courses). If you have at least 21 credits of seniority, you are entitled to any course/program offered by the University including all Continuing Education courses.
Contact the Association and find out how it works.

10. Find out who your PT faculty Department representatives are. Who sits on the PT Hiring Committee? Curriculum Committee? Your Department Council? Who represents you on Faculty Council? Senate? Board of Governors?

11. Read all correspondence from the Association – sent & posted: email notices, messages, newsletters, etc. Make it a habit to consult our website, where important information is available for reference.

12. Take the time to read the CUPFA Collective Agreement. Familiarize yourself with the Articles that serve your interests. If you would like training or an information session on the CUPFA Collective Agreement, let us know. We are available to make sure you understand your rights and obligations.

Me Patrice Blais, VP Collective Agreement and Grievance