Retirement Planning

Members are advised to obtain professional financial advice before making decisions about retirement. The following documents offer information about retirement ideas and options but do not offer professional financial advice. CUPFA is not responsible for any financial decisions made by members.

1. Retirement Planning for Part-time Faculty
This updated document is revised annually to include new information on retirement options. See videos of recent financial and budgeting workshops offered to members in the “workshops” subsection below. 

You are also encouraged to read the updated document How The Pension Plan For Employees Of Concordia University Works For Part-time Faculty in the “Pension Information” subsection above.
»  Download: Financial & Retirement Planning for Part-Time Faculty

2. Concordia University Group Savings Plans
Your pay stub will confirm whether you are enrolled in the pension plan – employer contributions to your pension plan will be listed there if you are a member.

The following PowerPoint slides explain Concordia Group Retirement and Savings Program Plans managed by Great West Life.
» Download:  Concordia RRSP TFSA May 2018 These links will take you through

3. Excel file – Budgeting for Retirement
This spreadsheet can be used to help you practice budgeting for the future. It is a workable file from page 3 of the updated Financial and Retirement Planning document above.
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4. Comparing RRIF to Annuity – an article from the website
This explanation of the differences between RRIFs and Annuities is relevant when considering how to convert your RRSP into an effective flow of income for your retirement. Individuals must convert all RRSPs by the end of the year they reach 71 years of age. *Article presented for information purposes only.
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5. Article from MoneySense magazine on Long-Term and Critical Illness Insurance (December 2012)
Relates to page 17 in FINANCIAL & RETIREMENT PLANNING for Part-Time Faculty above.
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6. Article from Retirement Advisor.cawebsite on Health Care Coverage in Retirement
Offers a helpful overview of medical insurance issues and examples of premiums for retirees.  

Relates to page 19 in FINANCIAL & RETIREMENT PLANNING for Part-Time Faculty above.
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7. From the Council on Aging – Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance (2008)
Relates to page 20 in FINANCIAL & RETIREMENT PLANNING for Part-Time Faculty above.
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