For Difficult Situations

Focused & Confidential help is available for more difficult professional or personal issues, conflicts, etc. 

The following CUPFA and Concordia services specialize in assisting members of the community with those occasional troubling situations, interpersonal conflicts, aggressions, etc. that can become unwelcome distractions and increase stress. Assistance is offered in a supportive and respectful manner, includes additional referrals as indicated, and leaves further decisions and actions in the hands of the individual seeking advice.

1. CUPFA’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion team coordinated by Jacqueline Peters welcomes discussion with CUPFA members on any EDI-related issues – a few examples include feelings of racist treatment, concerns related to gender or sexual orientation, how to avoid micro-aggressions in the classroom, further assistance with disability concerns, and more. 

2. Concordia’s Sexual Assault Resource Centre is a first point of confidential, non-judgemental contact for situations of sexual impropriety or violence – with a team ready to support, advise, and coordinate internal and external resources.  Sexual Assault Resource Centre

3. Concordia’s Employee Assistance Program offers free confidential counselling, information, treatment referrals, etc. in English and French 24 hours/day, 7 days/week (available to all Concordia employees as of July 2022). Employee Assistance Program

4. Concordia’s Office of Rights and Responsibilities and Concordia’s Equity Office are impartial, confidential, and independent services ready to help with concerns about the behaviour of any member of the Concordia community. Office of Rights & Responsibilities – Equity Office

5. Concordia’s Ombuds Office is another impartial, confidential, and independent service to promote fairness and assist with the informal resolution of concerns and complaints re: university policies, rules, procedures. Ombuds Office

6. Concordia’s Access Centre for Students with Disabilities and your student’s ACSD advisor can help faculty learn more about how to resolve difficulties in effectively integrating individual ACSD students. Access Centre for Students with Disabilities

CUPFA’s Office Manager Karen Taillon is our welcoming and experienced reference for services, procedures, events, etc. She will promptly answer questions and/or refer to the most appropriate CUPFA or University resource.