Member Meetings

  • Zoom links for upcoming meetings are not posted on our website to ensure that CUPFA meetings are attended by members only. Search “Info CUPFA” in your email inbox to locate reminder messages with meeting links.

MEMBER MEETINGS (relevant to the entire CUPFA membership)

The presentation section of these meetings is recorded and posted without Q&A and discussion. Meeting videos appear on our home page, and can also be accessed via links below:


This list includes meetings that → * regularly convene defined CUPFA groups (Reps, PTHC, etc); * offer webinars about CUPFA initiatives (PD, EDI, etc); * update and explain topics of interest to members (EI, Pension, Paystub, FRIS, Social Media concerns, etc); * review specific emerging issues related to hiring, employer initiatives, sectors, etc; * offer workshops in response to member needs, pedagogical interests, related activities, etc. 

Some Additional Meetings are not recorded – Links connect to the most recent version of sessions: