Reports & Expenses

PD Large Grants are requested and approved according to guidelines and criteria specified in CUPFA’s Collective Agreement and administered by a joint union/employer Professional Development Committee. As part of this process, large grant recipients must submit written reports upon completion.

PD Large Grant Reports must be submitted to with the following information:

* Use this example of how to describe your project:

  1. Name and academic degree(s):
  2. Department:
  3. A one-paragraph (~300 word) description of your project using third person narrative (he wrote / she created).
  4. A short biography (100 words) and a photograph (preferably a professional headshot).
  5. One photograph that best reflects your grant experience.

PD Grant Expense Reports are administered through Concordia’s UNITY system:

  • Concordia’s UNITY Support Centre offers individual appointments for online help with Expense Reports (Concur).
  • Concordia’s updated Travel & Conference Handbook with new processes for expense report management in UNITY My Expense Reports (SAP Concur) is listed with other useful resources in Carrefour > Resources and Services > Financial Services > Policies & Guidelines.