Applying for courses

Fall/winter course postings:
Course postings will be available for viewing as of May 1.  If you are applying for a course you haven’t taught before you must demonstrate your qualifications to teach it. Always include in your application package an up-to-date CV and a covering letter specifying in minute detail how the information on your CV establishes your qualifications for the specific content of the course.
– Application deadline: May 15.
– Questions about how to apply should be directed to CUPFA at ext. 3691.
– FRIS will reopen for applications for courses offered in the Fall, Fall/Winter and Winter terms after midnight on May 1.
– If you are interested in learning how to use the FRIS to apply for posted courses, you are welcome to attend one of the training sessions which will take place on: Friday, May 3 at 10:00am or Tuesday, May 7 at 2:30pm in H-517. Feel free to bring any supplementary materials on a USB.
Michael Pinsonneault has created a model cover letter and cv for a fictitious applicant (S. Claybourne) to help guide you as your craft your applications. To see these documents, please click here: Claybourne_S
Pension Plan:
Our Treasurer June Riley reminds you that in order to qualify for membership in the pension plan CUPFA members must teach 3 courses within a calendar year.  Once you qualify you remain in the plan even if your workload decreases in later years.  Therefore try to order your course preferences on your application to make it easier to qualify for the plan.