Concordians Make the Grade

The Concordia community hit the streets of Montreal yesterday, arm in arm, to speak with one voice.  To the Charest government, they collectively said that the future of education is at stake, and they denounced the ill-conceived funding policies of the provincial government. Mr. Charest could take a lesson from Concordia’s students, who demonstrated their commitment to democracy, their commitment to dialogue, and last -but not least – their commitment to leave the University in a better state than they found it. We note that after the march moved off Concordia’s campus, our own students got out and cleaned the streets by the Hall, McConnell and EV buildings. This act speaks volumes about our students’ respect for their institution of learning.

“CUPFA has always underscored the value of our students, who care as much for our institution as for their own education”
Maria Peluso.  Pres. CUPFA

“This is a historic moment for Concordia, we have seen that protest can be meaningful and peaceful at the same time”
Scott Chlopan, (Education)