CUPFA Supports Colleagues Teaching at the College Level – Asks Members to Sign the province-wide Petition

The CUPFA Executive encourages you to please consider signing the petition below – the Quebec government wants to roll-back the salary of all CEGEP and college teachers. This new proposal is not an idle threat as the government has already eliminated the salary scale for faculty with PhDs who teach at the college level. The faculty will now be paid at the MA level.

Many of your fellow CUPFA members hold positions in the college system and can use your support on this issue. Remember, if the government can successfully reduce and roll back the salaries of faculty teaching at the college level, they will not hesitate to consider similar measures for us at the University level.

It is imperative that CUPFA members continue to demonstrate the support shared with faculty at our sister institutions. Our solidarity with the FNEEQ riseau of part-time faculty at both the University and college levels demonstrates their own continued support of our own efforts to secure a new collective agreement. We stand in unity in our opposition of any reduced funding of post-secondary education in particular when it affects the working conditions of part-time faculty and the learning conditions of our students.

Please sign the following petition before February 20.

On behalf of the Association Executive,

David Douglas, Ph.D.
President, CUPFA