CUPFA proudly supports our colleagues on National Adjunct Walkout Day by sending a strong letter of support, signed by Me. Patrice Blais, Vice President Collective Agreement, and Chief Negotiator.

Download CUPFA’s letter of support for National Adjunct Walkout Day

“The Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association (CUPFA) from Montreal Canada is in solidarity with our American colleagues on National Adjunct Walkout Day.  We stand with you arm in arm on February 25th to end the exploitation of your labour.

  • We deplore the lack of recognition and the continued abuse of academic labour.
  • We deplore that the worth of adjunct faculty in the institutions and students they serve continues to be ignored.
  • We deplore that the corporate agendas of our institutions of higher learning are devoid of any commitment to teaching and learning.
  • We deplore that our colleges and universities no longer serve the public interest but rather the self-interest of an inflated administration.
  • We deplore the concentration and abuse of capital funds and the continued reduction of operating funds.
  • We deplore the working conditions of academic faculty who perform the majority of the work with the lowest salaries, non-existent benefits and no employment security.
  • We deplore that in America, adjunct faculty are not valued anywhere in the institutions they teach.

March forward this February 25th, 2015 to demand social justice for adjunct faculty and students who continue to be exploited.  CUPFA fights against the same injustice in Quebec, Canada – the same cut-backs, the same financial constraints, and the same austerity that has grown since the  1980’s.  Enough is enough.

Me Patrice Blais
Vice President, CUPFA
Collective Agreement, Chief Negotiator