This fall, the CSU, CUPFA and CULEU have jointly sponsored a speaker series on the topic of “Austerity”.  Our goal in this endeavour is to responsibly do what educators are tasked to do: to foster dialogue and debate on policy alternatives; to engage the Concordia community in discussion. We are proud to support the students of Concordia in this initiative.

Across the University, in both individual Departments and at Faculty Association levels, the students of Concordia are debating how they will respond to the austerity policies of the Quebec government.  That is their right and CUPFA supports this right wholeheartedly.

We have faith that our students will discuss, debate, and determine their options in open and democratic forums.  We have faith that students will respect the divergent views of their fellow students.  We have faith that, should individual units vote to respond in specific ways to the austerity policies, they will respect those votes.  We have faith that our students will respect the rights of others students who may differ in their views.  We believe students will respect the rights of faculty, many of whom share the same concerns.  Above all we believe students will engage in protest without the use of violence or damage to University property.

To Part-time Faculty Members:
In the event that students vote to undertake specific actions, such as a student strike, it is our duty as CUPFA to underscore the following:
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