Embodying Your Teaching Workshop with Florence Figols

Embodying your Teaching: Center and Periphery

Engage your body at the center of your teaching to manage your class with ease

 An experiential workshop designed to explore how we perceive our living body while teaching. The main objectives are to enhance the awareness embedded in the dynamic relational-process with students that teaching involves while strengthening the relation with our own body (self).

How does one improve teaching through embodiment? How to be well-grounded in order to be present for the students at the same time?  How to cope with the stress involved in delivering content in order to foster a more enjoyable and healthy teaching practice?

Through simple embodied exercises and discussions, you will be invited to share your own teaching experiences in order to construct a common understanding of the relationship with self as well as between self and students; you will be able to use that understanding to apply to your teaching every day. Accordingly, this workshop is offered in a Community of Practice format (Wenger).

Proposed introductory workshop theme:

Location: Centre for Teaching and Learning, FB 620

Date: Monday, January 13, 2020

Time: 10:00AM – 12:30PM

Instructors: Geneviève Emond & Florence Figols

Register: http://www.concordia.ca/offices/ctl/workshops.html

Geneviève Emond

As an educational consultant and teachers’ trainer, Geneviève Emond helps professionals find ways to improve their teaching and social practices, using a holistic approach and a collaborative pedagogy. After working several years at different levels of educational systems as international projects manager for inclusive education, teacher trainer and teacher, she has dived in an academic path. She holds a PhD in education on teachers’ embodiment and a Master’s in dance and somatic education. She is also conducting research projects related to the professional development of teachers and student-teachers.



Florence Figols

Florence Figols is a Montreal based choreographer, researcher and has been teaching in the Contemporary Dance Department at Concordia University since 1999. Her fields of investigation-creation encompass sensory connections, stage presence, embodiment and the micro-politics of the dancing body. Her works have been presented on national and international dance platforms. Since 2010, she shares her research on the multi-sensory dimension embedded in the dance practice via symposiums and workshops across the globe. Florence holds a Master’s degree in dance from UQAM.