As part of the negotiation process CUPFA has signed, on January 22nd 2014, a letter of agreement (LOA) concerning the posting of summer courses.  You might remember that we signed a similar LOA in 2012.  While the first LOA proved unworkable for various reasons, we are confident that the new protocol will address the needs of both parties.  The LOA recently signed will apply only to the current year.

The Employer’s position is that the timing of the initiation of the hiring process was difficult to incorporate into their deadlines.  Following discussions we agreed to minor modifications that would accommodate the Employer while keeping the end of the hiring process intact.  The new process will now equal the time allocated for the other hiring processes in the May and October period. Please note that the final contract signing deadline remains unchanged.  CUPFA members will find out what courses they will teach on the same date as in the past.  The dates will be modified as follows:

Publication of Seniority List: Unchanged
February 1st  (3rd because it falls on a Saturday)

Posting deadlines: Changed
From February 1st to February 15th  (17th because it falls on a Saturday)

Application deadlines: Changed
From February 15th to March 1st (3rd because it falls on a Saturday)

Recommendation deadlines: Unchanged
March 15th (17th because it falls on a Saturday)

Contract printing deadline: Unchanged
April 1st

Contract signing deadline:  Unchanged
April 15th

We apologize if any confusion occurred.  The Employer wrongly advertised this LOA before it was signed.  They later apologized to CUPFA and anyone for the confusion.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact Me Patrice Blais, VP Collective Agreement and Grievances at

David Douglas, Ph.D.
President, CUPFA