Announcement of New Executive Members

The CUPFA Executive is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Vice President Professional Development. Lorraine Oades (Studio Arts, IMCA). In addition to numerous committees at the Departmental level representing PT faculty, Lorraine Oades brings solid experience to the PD portfolio with her previous work on the Professional Development Committee. She is quickly responding to her mandate and is handling the current PD claims members have submitted. On behalf of the membership join me in welcoming Lorraine Oades to the CUPFA fold. Should you require information about Professional Development do not hesitate to contact Lorraine at:

The CUPFA Executive is also pleased to announce the appointment of Erwin Regler (Design and Computation Arts) as the new Chair of Internal Mobilisation. Erwin has been active for PT faculty in a number of University bodies both in Senate and in the Faculty of Fine Arts. A specialist in design, graphics, and compilation art – worthy talents the Association needs. Moreover, he was a key figure in our mobilising efforts during the last round of negotiations. On behalf of the membership a warm welcome to our new Chair of Internal Mobilisation. Should you wish to contact Erwin and are interested in efforts to mobilise the membership, he can be reached at: