Welcome to Dr. Alan Shepard, Concordia’s New President

On behalf of CUPFA faculty members, I wish to extend our warmest welcome to Dr. Alan Shepard, our new President and Vice-Chancellor.  The appointment of Dr. Shepard, the former Provost of Ryerson University, begins a new era at Concordia. Since the departure of Dr. Judith Woodsworth, Concordia has been making great strides to improve its governance, and we view the appointment of our new President as a vital component in these continued efforts.  In our preliminary meetings with Dr. Shepard, we have conveyed to him our concerns that, if Concordia is to realise its full potential, it must quickly address the issue of sustainability with University policies and establish effective labour relations. We remain confident our new President will provide the leadership for innovation and needed growth. We pledge our support to Dr. Alan Shepard and are eager to work with him to transform the Concordia of today into the University of tomorrow.

Maria E. Peluso,